August 27: Flood the System Info-Session

By | August 26, 2015

In Chicago, we are working to bring together groups and individuals committed to the flood the system principals: 1) commitment to anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal and anti-colonial organizing, 2) prioritizing the leadership of grassroots, frontline communities, 3) valuing community-based alternatives to extreme energy as the true solutions and 4) committing to internal accountability in our organizing around anti-oppressive practices.

These groups and individuals would share information about their work and look for opportunities to engage in intersectional organizing and action.

Our hope is that the relationships built this fall will help us work together in the future to build safe communities that work for us.

When: Thursday August 27th, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Powell’s Bookstore Community Room (1218 S. Halsted St. Chicago, IL)

For more information visit,

Flood the System Details:

Fall 2015 – Flood, blockade, occupy and shut down the systems that jeopardize our future!

Starting this September, Rising Tide North America is calling for mass actions to shut down the economic and political systems threatening our survival.

Already, hundreds of thousands are streaming into the streets to fight back against climate chaos, capitalism and white supremacy.

This wave of resistance couldn’t be more urgent. To stop climate chaos we need a phenomenal escalation in organizing, participation and tactical courage. We need a profound social transformation to uproot the institutions of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and white supremacy, the systems that created the climate crisis. And we need to link arms with allies fighting for migrant justice, dignified work and pay, and an end to the criminalization and brutal policing of black and brown bodies.

We need to #FloodTheSystem.

In the lead up to the United Nations climate talks in Paris, in December, we will escalate local and regional resistance against systems that threaten our collective survival. Together, we will open alternative paths to the failing negotiations of political elites.

To do this, we are calling for individuals and groups to plan their own direct actions, attend trainings and convene Action Councils to stream smaller efforts into a massive flood of resistance.

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