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Did you see a long black tanker train with the red hazmat placard number 1267? Where? What direction was it going? Did you see the company name on the engine? About how many tank cars were there?  Don’t worry, the location and the red placard are the two essential things. Instructions below.


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When you see black tanker cars, check for the red 1267 warning placard. That means they are carrying oil. If they are, then you can record your sightings on this webpage. By doing so, we can show everyone how many rolling bombs cross Chicagoland in all directions.

To add a marker to the map, first, zoom in to the spot where you saw the train and click to create the marker (or right click). The marker will appear. Then drag it to the exact spot. If you added a marker by mistake, don’t worry, it will not be permanent until you save it.

Next scroll down bottom of the page. Note the date and hour, direction of the train; if possible note the name of the rail company, approximate length or number of cars. Finally, hit the ADD MARKER button to save your marker.


Two BNSF trains pulling petroleum tankers, facing east at 16th and Blue Island on April 11. A crying shame in the heart of the city. Photo C. Preciado

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