No More Oil Train Secrets

By | September 18, 2015

Join ForestEthics in telling U.S. safety officials and railroad execs: No More Oil Train Secrets. For the sake of all those who live by the tracks — and first of all, the kids — it’s time to release critical documents that the rail companies are hiding from the public.

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5.7 Million K-12 age children attend U.S. schools in the oil train blast zone–the area that must be evacuated in case of a derailment or fire from an oil train.

Massive growth of oil train traffic–over 5,000% since 2008 in the U.S.–means more derailments, oil spills into waterways, and massive explosions. 2015 alone has seen five explosive derailments in the U.S. and Canada. We now know that oil trains threaten 5,728,044 million children in 15,848 schools every day in the U.S. Our children deserve better.

But we don’t even know the details on the dangers of these trains–and neither do our first responders or our elected leaders. We don’t know because oil train companies like BNSF, Union Pacific, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian Pacific and Canadian National are keeping four critical types of information hidden:

1. The routing choices they make through cities, towns and sensitive areas;
2. The worst case scenario models they create for your town;
3. The insurance amount they have to cover themselves; and
4. Their emergency response plans when the unthinkable happens.


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