Stop Oil Trains Week of Action

By | July 6, 2016

25 million Americans live in the blast zone.

Looking back on the Lac-Mégantic tragedy or the fiery June 3rd oil train derailment in the Columbia River Gorge — we know the blast zone is a dangerous place to be. There has been more damage done by oil trains in the past three years than the previous four decades combined.

July 6 to 12th, we’re going to do something about it. Together, we’ll #StopOilTrains in the Columbia River Gorge, your town and everywhere. Because we know every oil train battle is part of a bigger movement to protect public health, safety, and the climate.

If you want to organize, it’s easy! Some gatherings only have a handful of people, but every gathering is part of a national movement to come together to stop oil trains.

Join or host an event now!

STAND website here.

Chicago action here.

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